Human Biospecimen Procurement Service

to Foster BioMedical Research & Development


ATREIDE BIOSAMPLES  is providing services to collect human biological specimen and clinical information for the biomedical research community including biotechnology, pharmaceutical, diagnostic and academic research organizations.


ATREIDE BIOSAMPLES  is set-up to help with prospective sample and data collections including procurement of fresh samples that are either delivered same day or as soon as possible overnight for immediate analysis in the research lab (depending on location of research labs relative to our clinical sites). We can provide for all common sample stabilization methods or set-up customized protocols for sample preservation. Biosamples come with customized clinical and pathology data.


ATREIDE BIOSAMPLES  has experience with and access to some retrospective collections in oncology which help to get insight into the natural history of an individual cancer.


ATREIDE BIOSAMPLES  primary sites are located in Western Europe (university hospitals) but we also have access to large sites for prospective collections in Central Europe that additionally allow access to histopathology collections.


ATREIDE BIOSAMPLES  will only provide access to biosamples that have been obtained according to the highest ethical requirements, i.e. with the approval of ethics committees or institutional review boards and with anonymous consent from the donor or nearest relative. We only work with sources that are compliant with the highest international ethical guidelines. In case of prospective collections, we also have the necessary standards already in place for most of our sites. In all other cases we are ready to file for additional ethics review based on our clients' project description.


ATREIDE BIOSAMPLES  started in January 2011 as AdeptBio UG in Hannover, Germany in partnership with the Memphis, TN based AdeptBio LLC. After termination of this international partnership we renamed our company to ATREIDE BIOSAMPLES in April 2014 and continue to offer our services and build our international business.